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Excellent conductivity with a long tradition


Copper is one of the first metals, which has been processed by human beings. Already the oldest known cultures 10,000 years ago used this commodity. Until today the metal associated with the various characteristics is used in almost all areas of life, such as in electrical engineering, construction, automotive or installation.


Copper has excellent conductivity for heat and electricity. The soft non-ferrous metal has good metal forming properties. It is suitable for welding and proving to be resistant to corrosion. It also has antimicrobial properties.

AMCO Performance

We advise you in all questions regarding the material Copper and assists with the specific challenges of your industry. Around an excellent copper product range we offer numerous services: From cutting over the CNC processing to special alloys - we support you at any time

Our alloys

  • CW004
  • CW008A
  • CW021A
  • CW024A
  • CW106C