Aluminium Plates

Ich verlass' mich auf AMCO

See for yourself our extensive range of high-quality rolled plates, optionally available surface-milled on both sides. For a host of applications, we stock plates in all common alloys.

In addition to standard sizes, we offer a large selection of extra-large sizes for shipbuilding and vehicle manufacture. Our Service Centre will precisely and quickly cut your products to your size specifications.

All our plates are stamped! We will provide an EN 10204-3.1 test certificate on request. In EN AW-5083 up to 50 mm thickness, in some cases with EN 10204-3.1 test certificate to AD 2000-Merkblatt W 6 / 1 . Tests and inspections by Germ. Lloyd and other classification societies are also possible.

We offer:

  • Plate - standard ( EN AW-1050A, EN AW-2017A, EN AW-5083, EN AW-5754, EN AW-6082, EN AW-7020, EN AW-7022, EN AW-7075, Hokotol)
  • Plate surface-milled on both sides with foil (EN AW-5083, EN AW-7075)
Large Format

Over the years, AMCO has become a specialist and reliable supplier for the shipbuilding industry. In close consultation with commercial and technical heads in the yards, we have built up an extensive warehouse, which meets shipbuilding requirements to the greatest degree. In addition to sizes of 2000 mm x 6000 mm, lengths of 8000 mm and widths of 2400 mm and 2500 mm are always available from the warehouse.



Specially developed, high-strength, corrosion-resistant and weldable: the alloy that goes by the name of AA5059 is the star among alloys. AMCO is the exclusive supplier of Alustar from the warehouse in Germany.

Alustar is stronger: Before and after welding, Alustar exhibits a significantly higher strength than conventional aluminium alloys for shipbuilding. It shares certain properties with the alloy AA5083: Like the latter, it can be readily formed and welded.

We have what the shipbuilding industry needs: sheets, plates and a multitude of profiles in alloys 6082, 5754 and 5083. Whether flat bars, rods, tubes, angles or bulb profiles: all our dimensions are tailored to the needs of shipyards.

We have even more to offer for shipbuilding: for example, explosion-welded steel-aluminium plate strips for composite construction.

On request, all sheets and profiles can be delivered with accompanying certificates from the classification society GERMANISCHER LLYOD (GL). Of course, we can also have DET NORSKE VERITAS (DNV), BUREAU VERITAS (BV) or LLOYDS REGISTER OF SHIPPING (LRS) carry out tests at our warehouse.

We offer:

  • Alu/Steel welded joint explosive plated
  • Sheet - large format (EN AW-5083,  EN AW-5754)
  • Plates - large format (AA 5059 Alustar, EN AW-5083,  EN AW-5754)
  • Large format EN AW-5083 H321