Cast-Plate Produktion

EN AW-5083 - all sides sawn or plain milled

Ich verlass' mich auf AMCO

Our aluminum cast plates of alloy EN AW-5083 (AL Mg 4.5 Mn) are characterized by its low stress levels. All cast ingots are homogenized (annealed) and highly stress-relieved. AMCO manufactures the aluminum cast plates in various thicknesses and dimension on modern machines. By homogenizing the ingots an excellent microstructure can be achieved. Therefore, the product is particularly suitable for components with complex machining, especially for tool- and mold making industries as well as engineering.

  • Ingots (EN AW-5083)
  • Cast plate sawn on all sides (EN AW-5083)
  • Cast plate surface-milled (EN AW-5083)