In trade, a secure supply of non-ferrous metals is worth its weight in gold.

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Welcome to the specialists for smooth processes and high quality products.

We constantly look for the shortest way to communicate with our customers. Because only with close personal customer care, we are able to react to your needs or solve problems before they take shape. You always have your personal contact in all your needs – starting from the order right down to the bill. This doesn ?t just make things easier, it also keeps everything at top speed starting with orders going right down to our wide range of products and services. But that’s not all. We are always streamlining our technical organisation across all departments with our digital operation efficiency project. That enables us to react on customer needs with even faster and more reliable processes. We keep our processes and equipment automated and state-of-the-art wherever we can. Process acceleration, blank optimization and transparency boosting – we are constantly reinventing ourselves.Every employee knows at all times exactly the inventory– and whether your order is already on its way to you.

High - Rack warehouse at AMCO
automatisches Hochregallager, Langutlager
Faster, more efficient and more innovative – our new high-rack warehouse guarantees maximum delivery quality.

We are showing what metal trading is all about with our new high-rack warehouse and warehouse management control system. The fully automatic warehouse is more than 12 meters high. That means that it has space for 3,000 cassettes that can be ordered in no time at all thanks to its extreme lifting and driving speeds. Its state-of-the-art shelf operating system streamlines storage and commissioning, which produces a much faster and smoother flow of goods. Finally, three issuing and directly connected packaging stations ensure short processes and perfect protection for further transport. Of course, the best equipment only works if it is operated right. This is why our employees are directly trained by the warehouse producer on a regular basis so that they get the most out of our modern system for our customers.

At a glance

  • Approx. 5000 Tons in stock
  • AluminiumCopperCopperCopper, Brass, Bronze 
  • Reliable delivery service
    within short-time
  • Highly modern machinery
  • Blanks of sheets, plates,
    bars and profiles