Prime Minister Dr. Carsten Sieling has visited AMCO

Ich verlass' mich auf AMCO

In the series "Strong economy, strong country." Prime Minister Dr. Carsten Sieling has visited AMCO Metall-Service GmbH on Thursday (August 9, 2018).

AMCO Metall-Service GmbH is not only an employer for 200 employees, but also a company that has successfully mastered one of the most difficult tasks: the generation change with simultaneous modernization and digital transformation.
AMCO has been trading in non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass and copper since 1980 - meanwhile worldwide. In a multi-year process, the sustainability of the owner-managed company was realized through fresh ideas and the leadership responsibility was transferred to new, younger hands. The company's managing directors Maximilian Krämer and Jan Hendrik Schmidt today come to over 100 million euros in sales. The modern, forward-looking orientation at AMCO carries its signature, for which Prime Minister Sieling found words of praise: "With AMCO, we have a company in Bremer that is successfully led into the digital age by the two young managing directors, which secures jobs in Bremen and increases them the attractiveness of our business location, and I am delighted that we have such an innovative company here in Bremen. " Medium-sized companies, such as AMCO Metall-Service GmbH, have made a significant contribution to the current positive economic development. In 2017, Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in Bremen grew 3.3 percent.

AMCO invests and digitalises for the future
In talks with the managing directors and the chairman of the works council, Uwe Weiß, the prime minister was also informed about how AMCO is coping with the challenge of modernization and digitization despite a shortage of skilled workers.
The fact that AMCO succeeds in positioning itself on the market as an attractive employer for skilled workers and apprentices became clear during the tour of the production halls. AMCO works on a state-of-the-art level. Plant manager Jan Dünzelmann led Minister President Sieling and Andreas Heyer, Chairman of the Management Board of Wirtschaftsförderung Bremen GmbH (WFB) through his work area.
The prime minister showed particular interest in the new technical innovations in the warehouse and production hall. Milling has recently begun using a state-of-the-art production robot that could easily lift a small car. At AMCO, however, it focuses on non-ferrous metal panels and, together with the computer-controlled, 12-storey high-bay warehouse, exemplifies the company's progressive orientation in Bremen-Hemelingen.

The company's sustainable environmental approach also impressed the guests. For example, the chips produced at AMCO are briquetted, recycled and re-added to the material cycle.
AMCO Managing Director Krämer and Schmidt emphasized that more fully automated production processes are part of the company's flagged goals. Also to relieve employees and give them more opportunities for specialization. "These investments are not just a means to an end, they should also be understood as a commitment to the Bremen location and we want to be able to make a difference here in Bremen in the future as well," Krämer emphasized. A great and exemplary message, as Prime Minister Sieling summed up after a good two-hour visit

Date: 09.August 2018