Precision in mechanical engineering isn’t a problem. It’s a must.

I count on AMCO.

Ich verlass' mich auf AMCO
Whether it’s sawing or milling– our solutions are always precisely tailor to our customers’ specifications.

It’s not only a challenge for AMCO – it is our passion to supply the highest level of custom-made work. It doesn’t matter whether they are standard formats, special products, individual pieces or series production – we always saw or mill at the highest level of precision. The foundation for efficient production is the progressive technology of our large and modern machine park. We are constantly expanding our production expertise. This is why no less than the world’s largest production robot has been doing heavy-duty work at AMCO since September of 2014. At 1,350 kilograms of load carrying capacity, it is the strongest of our team players.

But it’s our employees’ expertise that is the greatest quality factor. You will only encounter genuine metal experts at AMCO. They know their field inside out and will win your confidence with their sound knowledge of the subject. That’s no wonder because they’ve been with the company for years, they get regular advanced training and are kept up-to-date with the latest market data. That ensures them to to delve into the science of milling for greater average expertise.


Our CAD/CAM-based manufacturing works according to your
design data in DXF format. In addition, we mill precision aluminium plates in any desired thickness according to your specifications from rolled and cast material.

Our Service at a glance

  • CAD / CAM-assisted manufacture in-house
  • 3-axis and 5-axis machining centers
  • Maximum component size: 2000x 4000 mm / 1000 x 4500 mm
  • 4-axis profile machining for profiles of up to 8000 mm
  • Fast delivery thanks to direct access to all common aluminium material