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Light all-rounder for the industry

Its useful properties make aluminum one of the world's most widely used metals. The automotive industry, the metal and the construction industry and many other industries rely on the easy material. The low density of aluminum has large weight advantages for finished products. 


The electrically and thermally conductive alloy is easy to transform and process, it is on the hand soft and on the other characterized by its high strength.  Aluminum appears insensitive to the effects of weather, sea water and chemical effects. It is anodising and highly resistant to corrosion. Aluminum can be endlessly recycled after use without loss of quality.

AMCO Performance

We assist you with your questions and concerns about aluminum with competent expertise and a wide product range. The requirements of your industry are familiar to us, even with special requests, we are happy to help. We realize your specifications precisely: For blanks on our saws as well as in the manufacture of pre-finished components in our CNC machining centers.

Our alloys

  • EN AW-1050A
  • En AW-2007
  • EN AW-2017A
  • EN AW-5005A EQ
  • EN AW-5005A NQ
  • EN AW-5083
  • EN AW-5754
  • EN AW-6060
  • EN AW-6082
  • EN AW-7020
  • EN AW-7022
  • EN AW-7075
  • Hokotol - Certal SPC